jailed by RUF

Pastor appeals to RUF for his son's release.

The Pastor of Kambia's "His Mercy Endureth Forever" Pentecostal mission, Pastor George Iyomon has made a passionate appeal to the RUF rebels to release his son, Ivor from the RUF run prison in the North.

According to Pastor Iyomon, his son, Ivor, was abducted by the RUF rebels in November 1999 after they attacked Makeni. Ivor, was running his father's outreach educational programme in the Makeni environs at the time of his abduction.

Because of Ivor's educational level, he was appointed by RUF's Brigadiers to be their accountant and book-keeper even though he was under de-facto imprisonment. He was soon entrusted with several other important jobs such as counting and storing the rebels' diamonds brought in from Kono.

It is alleged that Ivor was all the time planning his escape and that during the bombing of rebel bases in Makeni in July 2000, Ivor used the chaotic opportunity to not only steal his RUF bosses diamonds but he also stole a large amount of cash and escaped towards the Guinean border. At the border, he was arrested by fighters of RUF's Gibril Massaquoi's squad who turned him and the diamonds and cash back over to Makeni.

Ivor has been in detention ever since then and no one has been allowed to see him. Pastor Iyomon is appealing to the rebels to please release his son in the name of peace.

"They recovered all their diamonds and money, let them release him now. He has suffered too much." the man of God pleaded.

"If they release Ivor from jail, it will be a sure sign that they are sincere about wanting peace and forgiveness from us all." the detained man's sister told the Pool.

Meanwhile, the pastor has resolved that he would bring the matter of his son's detention to Mr. Omrie Golley, the new political leader of the RUF as sson as Mr Golley arrives in Freetown.