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B>Where Is Cambodia?

Remember, beautiful readers when the omniscient PE prophesied the dismal failure of the West Side rogues? Ha, ha, it has come to pass. The rotten lot who are always taking us backward got a run for their filthy selves this week. Oh ho! They were sprayed with ointment. Heh, heh, the roguish thieves were given a sound beating.

PE limped and jumped, laughed and clapped when PE saw how the operation was going on. Oh yes, PE accompanied the British rescue team to the notorious base of the filty hoodlums who branded themselves the Westside robbers.

Eh, eh, this lot has been causing all the embarassment in the world for both the government and people of Sierra Leone. They kept on abducting people, raping our sisters and mothers and looting properties. What an eyesore it was!

These guys were just doing what they felt like doing. No regard for humanity, let alone their country, not to talk of the government. What a shame to decent and right thinking people. Westside, Westside my foot! PE’s great, great grand parents used to tell PE in Krio. “Wae Kakroch wan hallaky, ee dae go insai pamai bottle.” When the ruffains wanted to ‘halaky’, they abducted British soldiers. PE knew it was the end of their existence; oh yes, it was the end of the nefarious activities.

You know what? The British are very clever people. When they wanted to bait the braggarts, they gave them a satellite phone. And bingo! the half-baked, semi illietrate and gullible street boys swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Little did they know that the satellite phone had a device which revealed all their plans and movements.

So, it was easy for the British to rescue their men.

But wait oh, PE wan for ask wan kwestion. Wae konnel Kambodia? Could somebody tell PE where this self-styled colonel is? He was the guy who was strutting and fretting here and there, talking about changes in the leadership structure of the defunct AFRC. Where is he? PE wish he were among the dead.

Cambodia is not fit to live. Where is leader Brigadier General West Side jungler Kallay? Today he is reeling his woundss. Wa lahi Ta-ala, he will be appropriately dealt with. He would wish he were not born.

Silly rogues. You have met your waterloo.

Lansana Conte’s Diatribe

PE is fed up with the behaviour of some of the leaders of this war striken sub-region. PE just can’t understand why some of them always ‘ron-mot’ at the slightest pressure.

Look at what the so-called leader of Guinea did with PE’s brothers and sisters in Guinea. It is so frustrating and irritating that PE feels like throwing up.

What is the poor refugees’ business in what is clearly becoming an internal affair. PE knows quite well that the recent attacks on Guinean territory were carried out by dissidents. It started like that in both Liberia and Sierra Leone, and there is no peace yet in these two nations. People said that they were insurgents from God knows where. The only thing is that nobody from any country was maltreated because PE knew it was not their own making.

The Liberians were made to feel at home; they lived, ate and did everything in common with Sierra Leoneans. Nobody ever raised a finger against any Liberian. But it is sad to note that Guinean is behaving otherwise. In spite of the fact that the refugees have international protection, the Guinean authorities, with orders from Lansana Conte, are daily killing PE’s compatriots; some are even raped and amputated.

What a disgusting episode. It is an act of savagery and barbarism that is difficult to comprehend. Why should Lansana behave so cowardly? Has he forgotten that Sierra Leone has millions of his countrymen here? How will he feel if Guineans are rounded up and molested by PE’s security forces and vigilantes? Lansana has to behave maturedly otherwise PE will blow his top. The refugees are not responsible for his plight. If he does not stop, PE will go on the rampage against all Guineans resident in Sierra Leone

Chathy Chappy, where is my money?

PE has a passionate plea to make to one of the country’s most honourable (?) MPs, and that is, please refund PE’s money which you greedily defrauded for a purpose you never accomplished.

PE would not like to go into history but it behoves the crook parliamentarian to act decently and give back the hard-earned cash she disgracefully took from poor PE’s mother. PE cannot imagine somebody of Cathy’s physique, character, and credibility (?) moving from home to home soliciting bribes from parents and relatives whose chidren and relations stood accused of Kabbah’s treason, soliciting bribes from them.

Does that smack of a decent parliamentarian and educationist? No, not at all. This woman is not fit to live among clean people; she is not fit to be called a woman even, she is not a human being. Can you imagine somebody’s life hanging in the balance and this elephant who calls herself a woman demanding huge bribes to free that person, and afterwards reneging on that task?

PE is sick with the type of people who call themselves the people’s representatives. And by the way, who does this woman represent in a House that is full with Honourable people? Nobody, except her ego!

Remember, one parliamentarian that was bashed because he wrote a letter to RUF Sankoh demanding money? Remember the staunch criticisms and slaps he received from his colleagues? Well, that was championed by Mrs. Clean. Nobody, except PE, knew that Cathy was hiding her skeleton in her cupboard.

Nobody knew that this Parliamentarian bastardised the trust President Kabbah reposed in her to fleece poor people of their meagre resources so that she could continue to grow fat and fat.

Yes, this corrupt parliamentarian corrupted the Tejan Cole Commission of Enquiry to enrich herself. But believe PE, Cathy has met her waterloo. She has come to her tether. She will never again dream of stealing from the poor to make herself rich. Yes, PE will not relent in exposing this filthy attitude of someone in whom the nation has an absolute trust until she refunds the one hundred and fifty-thousand leones she stole from Augustine Kamara’s family while the poor boy was about to be killed. Is that not wickedness to the brim? Bo, na witch dis. How som man den tan so ba?

Cathy, do you have any iota of shame? Then, graciously refund poor Augustine’s money, ya? If not, PE will not relent until you come to your senses and stop extorting money from people. Cathy, why did you do this? Don’t you think it is a slur in your character?

Oh yah, som uman den get mind for do bad ting dem. PE has another case against you. But it is under microscopic investigation. PE will soon release the bombshell. That will be the final nail on your coffin as it will send you scampering to your grave.

PE will not condone any corruption from anybody, not to talk of parliamentarians. So, Cathy, better be ready to pack off from the honourable House as you will soon face the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Better bury your face in shame (if you have any) as PE will continue to expose your corrupt practices both in and out of the House.

Bye-bye Catherine. See you next week!

A Dead wood

Who will tell PE why Dr. Sama Banya is still retained by this government as head of the Foreign Department of this country? No one will be wrong to emphaically state the reason as being compensational, so as not to offend certain sections of the SLPP divide to go dissident. Is this for the general good of the country?

PE is convinced that such an all important department should be headed by a vibrant, energetic charismatic, eloquent and able, young, dynamic individual who should be in a position to adequately sell and propagate with astuteness the affairs of the country at the relevant quarters of the international divide.

PE has observed that this is a direct opposite of the man heading such an important department in this our suffering nation. Dr. Sama Banya is a dead log afloat on a river. No wonder it took such a lengthy period for international response to the perils of this nation. How can this be possible when the one charged with that responsibility is almost a dead being in a living frame.

PE saw the honourable minister making his closing statement during the workshop on the Establishment of the National Commission on War Affected Children at the Bank of Sierra leone Complex.

Believe PE, it was a real gimmick. The minister was supposed to be speaking for the benefit of all present to hear, but it was farfetched. As if the audience was watching a voiceless motion picture with the images gesticulating.

Nobody knew that the honourable minister was speaking until he had already gone through half his speech. It took pains for the operator of the public address system to make the minister heard. PE is sure, the operator must have amplified the volume of the PAS to the maximum digit. The only few words PE and others managed to grasp were facilitated by an additional microphone and a PAS loud speaker.

PE wondered about the level of inconvenience this dumb must be causing for his colleagues at international fora, an inconvenience to the entire Sierra Leone population. He really is not fit to be an advocate for a nation characterised with tribulations.

At any rate, having spent his days frog jumping from one political party to the other since Eve was only a small girl, PE is strongly submitting that he now be relieved of this very important responsibility and replaced by a more adequate being. Pa Sama should be allowed to die peacefully in bed rather than during a discourse supposed to be for Sierra Leone.

Why crucify Goba?

PE is a great observer of people. PE’s observation cuts across the board of the different species of people that form this nation-state of Mama Sera Loya.

PE admires those people that try in their own way in spite of the tempting scenarios that have overwhelmed this nation, to make a difference. Difference by way of decency, honesty and sincerity in the conduct of their national assignment.

One of such persons that have caught PE’s admiration is Sam Goba, the Chief Collector of Susan’s Bay Customs post. He has demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubts the abilities of a patriot and nationalist. In his own way, backed by his shrewdness and high acumen in tax collection, he has made the Susan’s Bay post a major contributor to the Customs revenue target that has been boosting government’s revenue base for the past fiscal years.

PE is therefore confident to vouch that part of the recent huge praises rained on the Customs Department by the Minister of Finance went to the Susan’s Bay Customs team. This confirms the fact that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by the central authorities. An attempt therefore to castigate him can only be described as mischievous, slanderous, unfortunate and irresponsible. PE knows that there are elements within the Sierra Leonean society that lack the instinct of accepting meaningful efforts by the very few realistic people towards the development and progress of this country.

PE views this scenario as an anathema to society. The Pull-Hum-Down syndrome perpetrated by this class of people has invariably caused the deep-rooted corruption syndrome in the society. Be corrupt and be ready to corrupt those around you and even those sent to investigate you, then you are bound to go scot-free. But wherein you fail to adhere certain other conditionalities put forward by this class of insatiable elements, then you are bound either to be bashed, blackmailed or castigated. This is exactly what befell Goba last week. A disgruntled and unsatisfied element took upon himself to crucify him simply because he did not yield to corruption. The perception that nothing can be done without indulging in corruption is a figment of the imagination. Indeed there are people of exceptions. It is worth an advice to members of the Fourth estate to desist from falsely accusing decent people of corruption. Goba and his team are doing an extremely difficult job. Dealing mostly with traders that do not know anything about customs is quite a Herculean job. Patience, tact and principle are highly required to do the trick of extracting money from these people.

To say therefore that Goba is corrupt, PE will beg to defer.

Damn The Double Standards

PE has a very retentive memory and PE has no difficulty in rekindling memories of events several decades past. PE does not only recapitulate on fond memories, but, equally, not too-pleasant ones as well. PE can still remember, word-by-word, utterances made by the first gentleman of PE’s country. PE recalls that not too long ago, PE’s esteemed first gentleman-castigated persons he accused of engaging in subversive acts aimed at undermining national stability. PE has no quarrel with this statement. What PE questions is, why, in a precarious time like this, the second gentleman of PE’s dear republic recently went on a political canvassing tour?

PE’s every sense was alert and PE heard very clearly the number two man making alarming revelations. PE can even quote verbatim, some of the number two’s remarks. “You people will never see the physical being of our mutual enemy, the rebel Godfather, except his photograph.” PE is least worried about who would live in eternal oblivion. What PE does not agree with is prejudicing the legal outcome. PE is of the opinion that making such a sweeping statement amounts to giving a verdict without the due process of law.

Hmm, PE frowns at the shielded political scheming that is presently undertaken by the leadership of PE’s nation. PE does not like coincidences especially where PE suspects them to be contradicting initial declarations. PE was hiding in the pilot’s cabin when the nation’s first gentleman flew out on a provincial tour of some of PE’s most important regions. Ah ha, the sheer timing of this unplanned familiarisation trip stunned PE.

PE was still recovering from the turbulence a new group called VCC caused to PE’s compatriots. PE’s mind is computerised and PE quickly did a ”ROBUST’ assessment of the situation in an attempt to conjecture a possible logical conclusion. PE nearly fainted when it dawned on PE that the ‘helicoptering’ trip was electioneering gimmick. PE hates to expose ‘elderly’ people without some warning. But PE thinks it is unpardonable to cash in on PE’s hungry people’s misery by projecting a false I-care-for-you kind of posturing. PE can’t understand why, at some stage, PE is told: “This is not the appropriate time to canvass our destitute, war-wearied people” whilst, the next moment PE witnesses a total breach of this solemn declaration.

PE will definitely pursue to the end of PE’s universe, anyone that, even slightly, takes advantage of the current plight of PE’s compatriots to fulfill political ambitions. PE thinks that finishing the war and reconstruction take precedence over every other selfish intention.


Lowcost is not a barracks

Do you know Lowcost bridge? It is at Kissy in the far east of the city of Freetown. It is a very prominent spot wherein all sorts of people and things can be found. No poda-poda van or taxi, in fact all vehicles, can pass that place withtout at least a passenger disembarking.

Lowcost bridge is found just after the famous Samuels point. There is a large market around that area. PE is very frequent there. As a result, PE notices some ugly development that is rearing its beautiful head. Lowcost bridge has been turned into a military barracks. PE sulked and fretted when one day this week, PE saw a company of soldiers in brand new military uniforms carousing and rollicking all day and all night long. PE thought it was a party thrown in honour of a new recruit. So, PE went closer and closer until it became clear to the “biza bodi congosa” that no, it was not a party at all.

PE found out that these armed soldiers have abandoned their positings and made Lowcost bridge their new abode. It wouldn’t have bothered PE a cent had it not been for the fact that these guys ain’t doing anything but beckoning to little girls to do what, PE canot tell.

Of course you know how vicious these awol soldiers can be if their demands from these little girls are turned down. Last week, a very frighterend neighbour confided in PE that her daughter was viciously molested when she turned down a love offer from one of the idle guys. This depressed mother could not dare utter a sound for fear of being molested.

This was not the first time such an unsavoury incident occured. More often than not, these soldiers harass and molest any civilian they perceive to be an enemy. Several complaints have been lodged to the military seems to come out relent in PE’s effort to put a stop to this menace.

PE will therefore very soon launch “Operation Komot Dae’ to clear off all idle awols from Lowcost bridge. The soldier’s place is the barracks. Thank God there are the Wilberforce, Murray town, Juba, Seventh battalion, and Lungi garrison barracks which will house all of them. PE means serious minded and patriotic soldiers. For those who think loitering is their occupation, PE wants to let them know that Lowcost bridge is not a military barracks. If they do not want the army, they should quit and stop heaping problems on civilians. Any more unseeming thing will be met with adequate resistance.

A word for the idler is quite sufficient.

Are you a very concerned citizen?

Who is it in this part of planet earth that can give PE a concise and precise answer to this one million pesetas question? Are you indeed a very, very, concerned citizen? I hope you are not as there is already a very small group of people that call themselves Very Concerned Citizens. PE attended a symposuim or you call it a seminar these people organised at the British Council, and PE is proud to say that you would think twice and be nationalistic and patriotic if you attended it.

Believe PE, the people at the helm of this grouping are determined to see that radical but meangingful developmental changes take place in the land that we love, Sierra Leone. PE was able to gather from the seminar that unless and until we get an interim government of national unity, our woes, trials and tribulations will continue to linger. In other words, what they are saying is that all the governments and leaderships this country has had woefully and disgracefully failed the country and its emaciated citizens.

PE wholeheartedly supports and subscribes to this view. From Milton Margai to Juxon-Smith, Siaka Stevens to Joseph Momoh, Maada Bio to Tejan Kabbbah, nothing of national development and pride took place.

Rather, the country experienced and still continues to experience stagnation and inertia. The people’s social status continues to degenerate from one leader to the other. Every year, Sierra Leoneans continue to fall into the bottomless pit with no hope of survival. No doubt when this small group of enlightened and vision oriented people that codenamed themselves Very Concerned Citizens came up with their vision, PE joined the bandwagon. This country no doubt needs a caustic change for the better.

Let PE share with you an excerpt from a paper presented by Sundia Cleo Hanciles titled “The Call”. Here it is.

“... never again in our living history (even that of our posterity will we sit passively by and allow a few despicable individuals, motivated by nothing except naked lust for power and insatiable greed to drag us down the abyss. From now onwards, we must stand up and fight for our natural right in our God-given land, regardless of the consequences”.

Ah yes, Sundia Cleo Hancils says Sierra Leone belongs to all of us; so we have the natural right to determine and actively participate in decisions affecting our lives. This must and should never be the monopoly of a few unscrupulous individuals.

PE will not mince PE’s words in saying that the Very Concerned Citizens group is a very formidable force to reckon with. Let nobody joke with it.